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Angel Katte was my character's name, I think. I have stopped playing Furcadia except for summer months now. I used to twink it up with Alanna Murrey and Vlady back in the day when The Beat was booming. Why did I twink? It gave me something interesting to do before I got a social life. We weren't really pests to the furres, just the mods. We didn't like them very much. Plus, Alanna and I didn't like The Beat despite us being the best promo writers it ever had.

[For the record Angel Katte, my avatar, was not Alanna's bot contrary to popular belief. We got that a lot when we both played Furcadia. It was annoying. In all actuality she is my sister in real life. It was one of the reasons I don't frequent Furcadia so much anymore.]

My real name is Jacqueline, Jackie, Jaxxie, Jaxx, Quacks--call me any of the above. I am sixteen years old. Yay for sweet sixteen!

I like my local music scene to an extent, playing melodic percussion (xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspeil, chimes, etc.), music in general, my bee/eff, writing, Catholic Studies, chocolate, soda, Tee/bee nachos, late night walks, stars, hxc boys, scene bangs, my green and black striped shirt, my sparkly lavender Barbie glasses, fat kids chomping on chocolate cake (see Matilda), plaid skirts, knickers, fashion. There's probably more, but that's what came to mind.

I don't like math, ricotta cheese, mean people, ex boyfriends, drug heads, liars, mugs with seemingly witty phrases about one's age, short skirts, summer clothes, Spanish, high school, fake people, hardxcore, metalxcore, grindxcore, any core with the exception of nintendoxcore (hear Horse the Band), bleeding sex organs, lima beans, non-power locking systems. The end.

I like to convince the kids in my school that I like girls. I also like to convince them that I smoke a lot of pot. In all acutality, I looove the cock, and pot is not for me. I am pretty successful at both. Man, I love to hear rumors about myself. It feeds my ego like woah.

So, am I hot?

I AM WOMAN! Hear me roar.

Beating Frank up
I like to pretend that I am tough, so I beat up boys named Frank.

My best friends counters by beating the crap out of me.


Don't you just heart the shit out of that scarf?

My boobs
Missy likes my boobs. She took a picture. So, if you don't like my face, you've gotta dig the rack.
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