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Info: My name is Amber. I'm 16 for the next couple weeks. My name on Furcadia is Alisaadi. I'm proudly bisexual. One of my nicknames is Ambie. (I'm getting annoyed by it, please don't use it.) I have a girlfriend named Julie. (I love my Julie. Stay away. She's mine.) I'm short. I'm blonde(turning brunette!). I'm in 2 bands. I sing. I'm trying to learn guitar(bass AND acoustic). I write songs and poetry. I draw occasionally. Piss me off, it isn't pretty. People call me "emo." I'm almost always in a depressed mood. I rarely smile in pictures. I smile on cam all the time. I want a shirt that says "Hardcore Prep" so people can look at me and be like "WTF?!" I don't bite...much. Yes, I am 100% non-synthetic. No, I will not show you anything on webcam.

Likes: Julie, "punk" music, "goths", "emo" (YES. I said EMO. Get over it.), "goth metal", "heavy metal", some older rock, eyeliner, guys that wear eyeliner, dark eyeliner, colorful hair, spiky hair, hand holding, kissing, hugging, licking, biting (in a sexy way, not a violent way), cuddling, touching, my friends, my dog, partying, Furcadia, The Palace, piercings, personality, taller guys, shorter girls, eyes, guitar players, long-term relationships, commitment, Ruby Gloom, Emily the Strange, Harry Potter, anime, The Weekenders, Invader Zim, Happy Tree Friends, Foamy, + more.

Dislikes: Not being able to be with someone you love, LIARS, homophobes, tYpInG lIkE tHiS (Is it REALLY necessary?), cheaters, "studs", "pimps", most pop music, most of pop's "icons", some classical music, people that think they're ugly, excessive smokers, excessive potheads, excessive druggies, hairy people, most "preps", "trendy" bisexuals, whores, body odor, nasty teeth, my mom, my grandpa, South Carolina, "What's your boob size?", saying "I love you," and not meaning it, ex-boyfriends with big mouths, ex-girlfriends that spread rumor, one night stands, + more.

Any other questions? Ask me.

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