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MysticalMelody is hot?

Furcadian name:MysticalMelody
Real name: Crystal
Age: 16 (17 in April)

I wanted to do this because I show people online my pics sometimes and ask them how I look and they say I'm cute, but of course I never know if they're being honest or nice. I think I look pretty cute but I always want to know others' honest opinions.
I know these pics are black and white but they're the only ones I have on the net. ^.^ Hope ya like!
I'm not sure how big these are too If they're huge I'm sorry.

Me 1 Me 2 Me 3

Thank you! *fixed pics*
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Ir doesn't look like freewebs allows remote linking of images ... so I can't see your pictures. Until you get that working, sorry, no.
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with Adam on this, and say no.

http://www.photobucket.com is a good image hoster, and allows direct-linking. I use them on a daily basis.
You post pictures on a daily basis?
... Yeah. Or if I don't post them, I'm still using photobucket to keep my userinfo in tact. Just look at its prettyness!
Photobucket rawks. <3
Sorry about that. *should have known* The images are all on http://www.freewebs.com/dolphin2kcf/aboutmeirl.htm plus along with a bit more info about me. Please reconsider? I fixed the post by putting the images on photobucket and editing it.
I'm still thinking no. You're a cutie, but .. hm. I don't like sounding mean, because I know I'm not the cat's meow, either.

The way you have your haircut make your face look reeeeeeally ovalish. Ever consider bangs?
That's fine. Thanks for being honest. ^.^

I hate bangs though. I used to have tham because of a bad hairdresser that didn't understand english very well I hate my mom's penny pinching self. Well, anyways trust me thay look really bad x.x I think I'll just keep the ovalishness of my face ^.^ though I appreciate your suggestion.
By the way ... just to explain why those pics are black and white and look drawn I got them from a photobooth that does that, the first 2 are the most recent.