Kae (epitomeof_crazy) wrote in hot_furcadians,

No one has posted here in quite a while I see!... so I thought I might burn your eyeballs with some pictures of yours truly. I got a digital camera recently so pictures of me are easier to come by now.

Some random photo I took of me the day I got my camera. (You can see my precious Leon in this picture. Leon is my tragus piercing)... and no I'm not insane.

My boyfriend and I on a river cruise during our trip to Montreal last month

Before... (and yes I AM wearing a shirt)

...and After photos of my hair when I got it cut. (mmm, pixely)

Thong th-thong thong thong...

P.S. My username was spelled wrong in the accepted list. You have epitomeofcrazy there and it's actually epitomeof_crazy. Thanks =) (#SA)
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Pretty eyes.. but no.
I don't mean to be rude, but I've already been accepted, save for my username was spelled incorrectly when placed under the 'accepted' list; it just hasn't been changed yet. I did infact note this in my post and if you don't believe me you could scroll back a few entries and double check that the username in the accepted entry does match my own, or that atleast 'our' faces are similar.

- Kae <3
Then how'd you get in? :( Did - I - Say yes? If so, I should SHOOT myself!
Oh, it's Satirically, by the way.
Perhaps you should take that up with Adam (null_flux). Don't be rude to me for a decision that wasn't MADE by me.
gawd I got his lj name wrong but whatever... he got mine wrong too.
Perhaps you should shut the hell up before I delete your mouthy ass.
Did the bottom of your face get attacked by a dog?

Fuck no.