Bluss (bluss) wrote in hot_furcadians,

I figured I might as well post, since this community seems to be a bit less than active!

Character name: Bluss.
Real name: Nikki.
Age: 17.

None of my pictures are very recent, but the only thing that ever changes is my hair color.

I can't decide if I want to give an explanation or allow you to assume I was doing some strange, horrible Egyptian pose.

I like to set my camera to take random, silent pictures. I look very surprised and disgusted. My guess is that someone had just asked me to yiff.

Another of the random shots. Boring.

That one guarantees my rejection! <3

And finally, here is my only semi-recent picture. I thought I'd post it to let you know that I do, in fact, have a sexy, glowing neck.

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